Optimize your production!

Get smart! Optimize your assembly- and production processes with our easy to install retrofit solutions. No complex integration, no waste.

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Gain transparency.

Gain transparency about inventory in your assembly processes now.

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Support your workers.

Increase quality by supporting your assembly employees or help them learn new assembly processes.

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Track your processes in realtime.

Track your processes in realtime to be immediately alerted to deviations and take early action.

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How do I increase productivity...
...without putting an additional burden on my workers?

The S4X.Group focuses on regaining lost transparency. In real time you stay informed about stocks and consumptions and thus have the absolute overview! Orders are automated and deviations in consumption are immediately detected and forwarded.

In addition, our software provides real-time feedback to the worker about their current pickings. This feature can be used both as a quality assurance tool and as worker support, for example to train new workers at complex assembly stations.



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